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Barking Burgers Dog Treats By Hugo & Celine

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Barking Burgers is an air-dried version of the Hugo & Celine super duper delicious raw food: FROZEN FEAST

date till 10/02/23

Only ultra premium Swedish ingredients: 90% organic cow meat and 10% locally grown carrots, boiled broccoli, eggs and omega 3, 6 & 9, vitamins and minerals - no scary additives

The Burgers have been carefully dried over several days in low heat to keep the yummy taste and healthy nutrients

Hugo and Celine particularly like that the burgers are so chewable.


100% Swedish ingredients
All natural
No scary additives
Happy Dog - Happy Human

All natural, Swedish dog snacks in stylish packaging for the picky dog and conscious dog owner

Meat and animal bi-products (organic): rumen 50% & beef 40% Vegetables: carrot & broccoli 7%
Other: egg, oil & fat (omega 3, 6 & 9), glue free bone meal (calcium) 3%S

Protein 25.8%, Ash 8.6%, Moisture 4%, Fat 57.3%, Nitrogen Free Extract 3.16%, Plant Fibre 1.2%