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Dental Meaty Treats By Pooch & Mutt

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Duck & Rosemary Dental Meaty Treats 

Packed with meaty deliciousness, these tasty treats are bursting with added benefits to help look after your pooches health in 3 functional flavours for Dental care, healthy Skin & Coat and Calming

Grain-free, natural ingredients with added probiotics for healthy digestion and collagen for healthy skin & coat


These moist meaty bites have not only been created with delicious Duck & Rosemary to make mouths water, but also carefully selected all-natural ingredients that do good too, to help look after your pooch's dental health

Herbs such as Rosemary and Sage have long been seen as medicinal and are known to provide antibacterial and antioxidant effects

Reducing bacteria levels can lead to reduced plaque formation and can help maintain healthy gums

On top of this, breath will automatically smell fresher

Collagen, a structural protein, has been added to aid in gum healing and to bolster jaw and tooth health

When we support the tissues around the teeth, we can help keep them in good shape for longer

As a real bonus, the Sodium HMP has been scientifically proven to help to soften and remove calculus (without you even having to get that dreaded toothbrush out!)

This results in less gingivitis and an overall healthier mouth.