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Festive Mince Pies By Life Of Riley

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Not all mince pies are made equal...... The only natural, grain free shelf stable mince pie for dogs in the UK.


You are thinking, but mince pies contain raisins and sugar!? 

Well Life Of Riley have been super sneaky with these... of course they haven’t included those toxic ingredients... but.. they look pretty realistic right?

They got our creative hats on and developed these to look just like the real thing, but as with all their treats they contain only the best grain free, natural ingredients and certainly no sugar, chemicals or preservatives!

Sensitive tummy? That's no issue either, as everything they do is hypoallergenic with no unnecessary fillers!

A delicious peanut butter flavoured pastry case, filled with the signature carob flavoured icing and topped with the all important festive star!

Perfect for sharing, these come in gift boxes containing 2 large crunchy mince pies (just remember to remove the foil case of course!)