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Posh Paw Ice Pops By Woof & Brew

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Paw Pops are healthy, herbal refreshing treats for your four-legged friend
Made using WOOOF&BREW's award-winning Posh Pooch Still 'wine' for cats and dogs, these ready-to-freeze, 'posh-pops' are a great cat and dog gift for any pet owner or your own dog or cat
Made with Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng, which have been created with the advice of veterinary experts and are non-alcoholic and grape-free
Pack of 6 
  • Healthy, Alcohol-Free, Grape-Free, made with 100% natural herbs
  • The perfect cat and dog gift for Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's and special occasion
  • Keep in the freezer for when your pet fancies a 'lick' or a 'crunch'