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About Us

I'm Kat and our Canine Companion is a very grumpy miniature dachshund called Slinky. Slinky is turning 16 this year, hates baths, enjoys barking at people as she has serious small dog syndrome, loves sleeping and cuddles but does think she's in charge. We regularly joke that our son is so well behaved as we got all our bad parenting out on the dog who is a spoilt princess.


Slinky is more than a pet, she's part of the family, her paw prints are defiantly in our hearts. She's included in all celebrations and has Christmas stockings, birthday cakes, Easter gifts just like every other member of the family. This is where the idea for Love From Betty started - wouldn't it be great if you could buy a gifts for your Canine Companion? 

Mostly stocking small independent suppliers, we hope to create unique, exciting and fun Canine Companions gifts which convey my love and passion for all our four legged friends.

Why Love From Betty? Named after my beautiful 95 year old Nana who's love for all animals has always had a massive influence on me.

Betty & Slinky

Supported by my amazing husband, excitable son and of course chief product tester Slinky.

Our Family

Love From Betty launched in June 2017

We launched our Feline Friends collection in 2018

The Love From Betty Pooch Boutique Opened in May 2019