Blue Microfibre Dog Cleaning Noodle Towel By Pet Wiz

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The Microfibre Noodle Towel is here to provide you with an easy, quick and effective method to drying your dog

The clever design of the towel features hand compartments providing a hassle free solution to drying your pooch and keeping your hands clean too

Simply pop your hands into the pockets and start rubbing your pet to dry, and this secure grip makes it much easier to dry your pooches than regular towels

 It is the perfect size (82cm x 32cm) to dry most dog breeds and the perfect material that is much softer for your pet than regular towels

The microfibre material makes the towel ultra absorbent, holding up to 7x its own weight in liquid

Soaking up moisture from your dog quickly so you can carry on with your day, and your furry friends can get warm again!

Unlike regular towels, the microfibre material also means that the towel is quick drying and lightweight, a perfect option for regular use with your pooches

The microfibre material is made from textured, ultrafine strands woven together, achieving a surface area that is much larger than the actual size of the dry towel and helping to provide a much more effective dry

The Chenille towel also features a handy sewn on hook, keeping it easy to store wherever you need it, out of the way and ready to use for next time!

Whenever you think the towel needs a quick freshen up, it is super easy to clean as it is machine washable on a cold wash setting