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Melon Felon Neoprene Padded Lead By Reign Dog

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Melon Felon is designed for our fellow melon loving friends out there

The joy of seeing (and hearing) your dog tuck into a juicy piece of watermelon is something that is difficult to forget!

The colour palette for this collection is based on the range of colours that can be found in a variety of melons

Made of soft and resistant polyester, these dog leads have neoprene padding on the inside handle to provide supreme comfort on your walks

The padding is soft on the hands and the super hook locks adds for an effortless and safe walking experience

2 sizes of leads

XS/S size is 1.5cm wide and fits best with  XS and S sized collars and harnesses

M/L size lead is 2.5cm wide and best fits with size M and L sized collars and harnesses

Both are around 120 cm long