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SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder Bowl Spiral & Twister Lid Grey By PetDreamHouse

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The UFO Maze SPIN Bowl with Twister Lid 

level -  Tricky 

Introducing the SPIN Feeder Range, an award-winning collection of interactive pet feeders that enhance mealtime for your pets

The SPIN series pairs base bowls with various spinners and tops, creating dynamic bowls that turn eating into a fun slow-feeding game 

Made with food-grade materials, these products foster enrichment activities and mental stimulation during meals

The rotating spinners can be adjusted or fixed by tightening the top, offering customizable difficulty levels

The SPIN Feeder Range suits pets of all ages and sizes

Discover the ultimate interactive feeding experience with the combination of two challenging SPIN accessories: the SPIN Spiral and Twister Lid.

This innovative bowl design merges the complexity of both elements, providing an extra challenging and engaging mealtime for your pets

The SPIN Spiral Maze adds a dynamic, food dispensing game, while the adjustable Twister Lid creates customizable openings for your pet to navigate.

PAW/SPIN collection: a patented range of interactive feeders and interchangeable accessories that are designed with feeding enrichment in mind

By introducing varied levels of difficulty, these products not only promote better digestive health but also stimulate mental activity, ensuring a holistic well-being approach for pets